Benvenuti nella Notte Stellata



ciliegiePlunged in the mountains of Aspromonte Nationale Parc there is the farm Notte Stellata, in this uncotaminated atmosphere, we cultivate the soil with ancients systems. We produce organic vegetables and fruits: cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mulberries, apples, pears, plums, chestnuts, but also italian squashes, beans, lettuces, potatoes tomatos, and even melons. My family have a long ancient rural tradition. With the grain of these mountains we make the bread in a old oven with firewood. A particular bread, "Biscotto" is still produced. This crackling bread was used once upon a time many weeks after it was made, and was also used how goods of payment for the workers. Another typical product is the salame. The particular climate of this mountains favours the slow and natural dessication of "Soppressata". In the winter season the soppressata with "Pecorino" cheese, was the principal meal of the Aspromonte residents. These mountains in the summer were full of people and sheeps. The freshness of air and the adbundance of water, give possible a pleasant life and rural work in the these hot monthes. All these stories was narrated by italian writer Corrado Alvaro in his novella "Gente in Aspromonte". fragole

We are making the last works in the farm so for the late springtime 2005 w'll be able to offer accomodation in confortable rooms, with parquet and movable in natural lamponiwood. In the restaurant you could taste the typical traditional calabrese cooking, with some new delicious addition. In the farm are also available some typical product, pecorino cheese, soppressata salume, organic jam, Extravergine olive oil, organic beer and wine. You can walk under the fresh of cherry trees, or do a small trekking tour in the natural beauty of Aspromonte, among the forests and water falls with crystalline water.

The rural season begin on june. The red of cherries tell us, the work has begun! In some days the strawberries attract our attenction. The farm now is the maximum of work. There are 3 weeks of hard work and gita scolasticapassion, in the morning we get up with the Sun at 5 o clock. Only some hour of relax at the noon, and work again untilamendolea falls the stars shines in the hot summer night. Few days of quiet, and in the first week of july begin the harvest of blueberries, raspberries and vegetables. All these products are cultivated with organic fertilizer and technics. Everyone can feel the great difference of taste beetwen our products and the commercial fruit and vegetables. August is the month of great prporcinooduction. We have all the vegetables and the special potatoes cooked on embers or fried with the tasty peel. There are the harvest-time to. After soon the cold autumn begin and the production slow down, but the first rain bring the boletus mushrooms, plentifuls in these places, how the chestnut-tree where they grow up. After the vintage, under 800 m. elevation, we concetrate the last efforts to the crop of chestnut (woderful with the new wine) and olives, waiting after the snow the beginning of a new season. 



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