Reggio Calabria Sicily and Etna

Benvenuti nella Notte Stellata

Reggio Cal sea and Etna Volcano

The Reggio Calabria province has oldest origins, the foundation of the town is lost in the beginning of history. The legend tell us was founded in the VIII century b.C by Aschenez, guided here by a Delphy Oracle prophecy. But the beauty of these places, one of the best landscape of the world, was yet described by the poet Omer in his Odyssey. The monster Scilla is today a magical and romantic seashore, just below the rock where lived the mythical monster. Attached on the sea there si a small pretty town, where you can eat a teastful fish (sword fish, lobster, crayfish and many others) in many small restaurant, in some one just over the sea! A very romantic choice. But also Reggio Calabria lives over the sea, just under the Scilla and Sicilyprincipale road the Via Marina (quite a tropical botanic garden, decribed by the poet D'Annunzio: the most beautiful kilometer of Italy) you can refresh in a wonderful long beach dominated by the vision of Etna, the greatest volcano of Europe. But alspine treeo in the south of the profince there are many beautiful beaches with a crystalline sea. If you like the culture, in the greek museum of Reggio Calabria you can see a lot of archeological evidences. The must are 2 bronze statues: I Bronzi di Riace. Founded on  1971 in the Ionio Sea, these 2 wonderfuls warriors keep the original greeck coflowers in aspromontelours. You can see the red of the lips and perfects eyeline. These statues are unique in the whole greek archeology. In the museum you can also see the fossil of dwarf elephant who lived here once a time. If you are tired of the hot summer of Reggio, in 30 minutes you can reach 1.500 m of elevation, and walk among  the fresh forest of chestnut and beech. In these places the roman slave Spartacus arrived with his rebels 2.000 years ago, it's still possible to travel his path until the province of Catanzaro. You can make this path crossing gorge breakbreathing, and crystalline water falls where you can swim. The nature is everywhere luxuriant and you can also spot a particular century old pine tree typical of this part of Calabria. forgiarelle water fallsThe climate hot moist favours the proliferation of an incredible variety and quantity of mushrooms. For the lovers of the night and astronomy the Aspromonte mountains offers a starry sky with a low level of light pollution, who make fill dizzy for the great number of visible stars. From these highlands, in the days with a great air clearness you can easily see the Etna, but also upon the Sicily the other 2 volcanos in the Eolie islands: Stromboli and Vulcano the home of amendolea water fallsgreek Deus of fire. Daily from the port of Reggio there are many quick ship for a day trip in those magical islands. In those clearness days from the beach of Reggio Calabria in the morning hours you can see a fantastic mirage. The steady air above the sea give double the image of Messina town: The Fairy Morgana. Another typical atmospheric phenomen is La Lupa (the wolf). In the fresh springtime days the hot african Scirocco wind favours the formation of morning lowest and thick fog, who renders hard the navigation and fly. The connoisseurs can sublimate their taste. Here the presence in the century of the gratest civilization of Europe and Mediterranean, enriched the greek culture with new recipes and favours. The cakes take the best  from the french, arabe, spanish tradition. The gluttons can lost themselves among bigné, tarts, "Cannoli" filled with creams which had few rivals in the whole world. It's still present a greek cake, the "Stomatico". About 3.000 years ago the greek people soaks this cake on sweet and strong wine typical of this part of Italy. Reggio is also the only place in the world where grow up the prince of the citrus fruits: the "Bergamotto". The essence of bergamotto is used from century in the preparation of perfumes to fix the scent. From some years the bergamotto is used in the preparation of many recipes. The cooking of highlander is more simple, but equally interesting. The special climate of Aspromonte favours the natural ripening of 2 typical and tasteful products: the pecorino cheese and the salame. The soppressata or capocollo salame, pecorino cheese and the bread  baked in oven with firewod are one on the favorite dish of calabrese culture.


To reach us you have to take from the Highway Modena Exit, and after to go direction Cardeto or Mosorofa (these are 2 different roads, but both arrive to Notte Stellata), after 22 km you will arrive at the higllands of Cardeto Nord. There you have to take the small road "Strada Vinco Campi" (There is a square green label) and come back, after 1.200 meters on the right you can see Notte Stellata. There is also a coach. Mannarella Bus starts from the center of Reggio and from the railway station at about 14.00 in the afternoon and bring you in an hour until the Label "Strada Vinco Campi". To go back there are 2 opportunities at 6.00 on the morning and at 16.00 on the afternoon. But in the summer we go in the city every day, so we can pick up you and your friends.